I actually got out a bit this year and experienced the yearly local phenom, foliage. I usually had the GoPro with me, but I did manage to snag a few decent pictures locally with my Nikon. As always, feel free to use these non-commercially as you wish so long as you link back to my homepage, www.rwaynegray.com. Thanks!

Beaver Pond

Taken at the top of the Lost River Road in NH’s White Mountains.

Boulder Beach

Groton, Vermont’s Boulder Beach may be cold for swimming come October, but the foliage is gorgeous.

Danville Overlook

Past peak foliage, overlooking the mountains from Danville, Vermont.


Near Stillwater State Park, Groton

Owl’s Head Mountain (actually in Peacham).


Lake Willoughby

Peak foliage at Lake Willoughby.


Near Loon Mountain, NH

We actually hit their Oktoberfest this year.


Owl’s Head Mountain

From the top… great views of Groton State Forest.

Wright’s Mountain

A great foliage view of the valley atop Wright’s Mountain in Bradford, Vermont (the images are labeled Tucker Mountain… how one mixes up mountains…).