Month: October 2020

Peacham Bog, post foliage

Location: Peacham Bog, Groton, Vermont

Date: 10/19/20

A bit of a hike to get here, but Peacham Bog is worth a visit any time of the year. The signage (and tree over the trail) give one just a little pause as you step out onto the boardwalk over what – one imagines – is the peat equivalent of quicksand, but we’re all a bit tattered at the end of the season, no?

Peacham Bog signs

Peacham Bog overlook

Lake Groton Foliage

Location: Lake Groton, Groton, Vermont

Date: 9/29/20

This was very close to peak, taken at Stillwater. The boat to the right is actually a local lobsterman off to check his traps. Once again, they will be empty, but a resilient breed are those Vermont lobstermen, and tomorrow is another day. Owl Mountain is in the background.

Groton Vermont foliage

Wright’s Mountain, Just Past Peak Foliage

Location: Wright’s Mountain, Bradford, Vermont

Date: 10/12/20

Definitely on the back side of peak, although still quite a bit of color out there. Nice short climb from the trailhead up to the overlook, about 1.6 miles. The hike is categorized as Easy, and I’m sure the grandmother and two small children who went skipping by me as I labored my way up it would concur.

foliage from Wright's Mountain

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