Month: March 2021

Rand Paul Lands Anal Health Monthly Honor

( Add “Asshole of the Year” to Rand Paul’s collection of dubious achievements. The Kentucky senator was chosen by Anal Health Monthly’s subscriber base as their 2021 Asshole of the Year.

Where past years have seen close contests – Mitch McConnell won in 2020, barely beating out President Donald Trump, AG William Barr, and several Republican governors – Paul was the overwhelming favorite of this year’s voters.

“With Rand Paul, it’s a little bit of everything,” says AHM’s Senior Editor Brad Sailor. “It’s voting against legislation for the poor, or coronavirus, purely for political grandstanding purposes. It’s his attacks on women, the transgendered. It’s holding up an anti-lynching bill, or being an anti-vaxxer and a doctor in the midst of a pandemic.

“We’re with his neighbor on this one: Rand Paul is one huge asshole.”

In addition to bragging rights, the Asshole of the Year designation comes with a lifetime subscription to Anal Health Monthly magazine and a statuette that we can’t show on our website.

Congratulations Senator Paul!

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Clock Blocked: MTG Proposes Major Changes to DST

( When freshman Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene stood and approached the floor of the House on Wednesday, a collective bipartisan groan rippled through the chamber. But Greene’s intention wasn’t to call for yet another adjournment as she had over and over in recent days.

This time Representative Greene had legislation to propose.

Wearing a “Densa Trumps Mensa” mask and adopting a Dr. Suess-style rhyming cadence, Representative Greene proposed that Congress enact legislation to fix Daylight Savings Time. Unlike other bills before Congress that seek to stop the twice-yearly changing of clocks, however, Greene’s bill would take the U.S. in the opposite direction.

“Representative Greene essentially wants the U.S. to start changing their collective clocks every three weeks,” says someone close to the Georgia representative. “America is getting too complacent with the liberal status quo. Representative Greene feels we need to go back to an air of constant uncertainty when our country was truly great. You know, like the Trump years.”

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Ice Castles 2021

Location: Woodstock, NH

Date: 01/30/21

Finally hit the Ice Castles in Woodstock, NH this year. Cooooooooold, but very cool.

Lake Willoughby, Winter Edition

Location: Lake Willoughby, Vermont

Date: 2/22/21

We headed out to hike the Burke Mountain Overlook, but they close the road in the winter, and there wasn’t an easy way to access it. Short hike, with the plus that it overlooks Lake Willoughby. Sooo, we went to the lake instead. Just as photogenic in the winter, with ice shacks instead of boats. Hit up St. J’s Locally Social Coffee for Dirty Chais and Mocha Lattes on the way back through… it was a good day.

Owl’s Head Mountain

Location: Owl’s Head Mountain, Groton VT

Date: 2/20/21

Finally getting these online from a couple of weeks ago. The access road to Owl’s Head Mountain in the Groton State Forest is closed in the winter, making this a bit of a trek. 3.2 miles, just under 500 feet in elevation (much of it right at the end), it’s a bit high on the easy end for a hike, but nice and uncrowded. Bonus: bobcat tracks criss-crossed the trail all the way up.

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