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Mount Willard – 02/17/23

Location: Hart’s Location, New Hampshire

Date: 02/17/23

50 degrees mid-February? Yeah, that is definitely hiking weather. First picture is from the summit, second from the scenic overlook outside the entrance to the Mt. Washington Omni (was going to pass it by, but the mountain was looking it’s best after setting records a couple of weeks ago). The third is stitched together from a few shots on the summit. Not great due to the sun, but still an impressive sight once you get up there.

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Owl Head Mountain, 1/24/23

Location: Peacham, Vermont

Date: 01/24/23

First real snow of the season, in the form of three storms over the course of a week. This was shortly after the second, which dumped around 10 inches in the area.

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Mt. Willard Winter Hike, 3/22/22

Location: Carroll, NH

Date: 3/22/22

Mt. Willard is always a great hike, summer or winter. The overlook/payoff is amazing, especially in the winter.

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Stray Vermont foliage pictures 2021

I actually got out a bit this year and experienced the yearly local phenom, foliage. I usually had the GoPro with me, but I did manage to snag a few decent pictures locally with my Nikon. As always, feel free to use these non-commercially as you wish so long as you link back to my homepage, www.rwaynegray.com. Thanks!

Beaver Pond

Taken at the top of the Lost River Road in NH’s White Mountains.

Boulder Beach

Groton, Vermont’s Boulder Beach may be cold for swimming come October, but the foliage is gorgeous.

Foliage from Wright’s Mountain, Bradford, Vermont (10/6/21)

Wright’s Mountain offers a short 1.6 mile out and back hike with a great overlook of the valley. Elevation here is 360 ft. There were families at the summit, so I killed the video just before reaching it. The final sweep of the valley isn’t great (note to me next time: remove the camera from the harness and sweep by hand), but check out the stills for how impressive the view is, particularly during foliage.

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Owl’s Head Mountain

Location: Owl’s Head Mountain, Groton VT

Date: 2/20/21

Finally getting these online from a couple of weeks ago. The access road to Owl’s Head Mountain in the Groton State Forest is closed in the winter, making this a bit of a trek. 3.2 miles, just under 500 feet in elevation (much of it right at the end), it’s a bit high on the easy end for a hike, but nice and uncrowded. Bonus: bobcat tracks criss-crossed the trail all the way up.

Mount Willard

Location: Bretton Woods, NH

Date: 1/25/21

Got out a few times last week, but this was the best, as always. Located in Bretton Woods, Mount Willard is a moderate, 3.2 out and back hike. There’s a bit of elevation, hence moderate, and it can be fairly heavily trafficked on the weekends. The view is just amazing. You have to pass the Omni Mount Washington to get there, which on a clear day…

Kilburn Crags

Location: Littleton, NH

Date: 1/16/21

A decent 1.8 mile hike that starts out a bit steep but becomes easier as you go. The payoff here is an absolutely stunning overlook of Littleton, NH and the distant White Mountains.

Wright’s Mountain, Just Past Peak Foliage

Location: Wright’s Mountain, Bradford, Vermont

Date: 10/12/20

Definitely on the back side of peak, although still quite a bit of color out there. Nice short climb from the trailhead up to the overlook, about 1.6 miles. The hike is categorized as Easy, and I’m sure the grandmother and two small children who went skipping by me as I labored my way up it would concur.

foliage from Wright's Mountain

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