Nafallen University 2022-2023 Course Catalog now out

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I’m very excited to be on the faculty of Nafallen University for their 2022-2023 year, where I will be teaching HIS 436: The History of Smells, and TOR 363: Torture with Common Household Objects (always a popular course, although HOME-EC 101 is a recommended prerequisite). Many thanks to Matt at @MHP_Horror for pulling this fun (and fictional) project together!

Y0u can pick up a copy of the Nafallen University 2022-2023 Course Catalog at

Dark Horses: The Magazine of Weird Fiction – “Red Sands at Morning” – now out

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The latest edition of Dark Horses: The Magazine of Weird Fiction just dropped with my story, “Red Sands at Morning.” And look at that cover. Thank you Wayne! Available at for $2.99 (Kindle) or $6.99 (paperback) if anyone is looking for something fun to take to the beach.

First Kayak ’22: Echo Lake

Location: Franconia, NH

Date: 5/22/22

Finally got some kayaking in, much later than usual. This is Echo Lake, at the base of Cannon Mountain.

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“The Weight of One” – Black Hare Press’ anthology Grimdark

Contracts are signed, so time to start plugging this. @BlackHarePress has accepted my short story, “The Weight of One,” for inclusion in their upcoming Grimdark anthology. This should be a great one, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

“Red Sands at Morning” – Dark Horses

A shout out to Dark Horses magazine, who have accepted my short story, “Red Sands at Morning.” A bit of a taste:

            Amid the buoys, bits of fishing nets, and jagged tree limbs sat a red sandcastle. Only, not a sandcastle, not really. It certainly had the FEEL of a castle, with walls and swooping turrets and exposed angles that looked defensive in nature. But it was rougher, wilder, and should have been pulverized in the storm had it been built before it. And it certainly wasn’t new; there was no one else in sight.

            “Can we see that sand, Daddy? Please please please…” Alan set the girls on a sturdy tree trunk and made his way through the debris field to the red castle. The closer he got to it, the more sinister it became, with some of the spires topping the thing looking almost razor sharp. It also appeared to have washed in with the rest of the storm junk. As he approached it from the ocean side, there was a clear line between the off-white of the beach sand the solid red of the castle.

Winter Hiking: Lone Oak Trail, Woodsville, NH

Location: Woodsville, New Hampshire

Date: 2/20/22, 2/24/22

Tucked away just north of Woodsville is the Lone Oak Trail, maintained by the Upper Valley Land Trust. While short, this moderate trail features a bit of elevation, making it steep in places (particularly as you reach the summit). It’s definitely worth the effort, though, as you can see from the view. I had a crampon blow out on this one, so actually had to make a couple of runs at it before getting to the top.

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Hubbard Park, Montpelier, Vermont 02/21/22

Location: Montpelier, Vermont

Date: 02/21/22

Just north of the statehouse in Montpelier, Hubbard Park is a 194-acre park packed with hiking trails, shelters, fire places, and a large stone tower at its highest point. There are multiple parking areas and access points; we parked on Parkway Street and hiked up, which was under two miles in and back, with some elevation. There is nothing too strenuous here, but it is a great place to do some light hiking, although I imagine it probably is pretty well-traveled at times.

Feel free to share or use these pictures for personal use, so long as you link back to this site. Thanks!

A Rabble of Drabbles, Part 1

stay out the damn woodsDrabbles are 100 word stories, and more challenging than they might seem. Much like a poem, every word counts in this form, and it’s not only a fun form to play around with, but also a good writing exercise in general.

I write these on occasion, usually for an antho call or contest. When they don’t “hit,” you’re left trying to place them elsewhere, which can be difficult and time consuming. I’ve taken to sometimes uploading them on sites around the Internet for a variety of reasons. When I get a fair amount of these, I’ll throw up a Rabble of Drabbles, of which this is the first. Check them out if you get the chance, and stick around the sites to read a wide variety of writers.


“Case Closed”

“The Wizard and the Words of God”

“Last Halloween”

“Home For The Holidays”–a-Christmas-drabble–by-Rich1

“Equal Shares”

Owlshead Mountain – hiking 2/17/22

Location: Peacham, Vermont (Groton State Forest)

Date: 02/17/22

The yearly winter hike up Owlshead. The temps were pushing 50 and rain was in the forecast, but it held off. I had the mountain to myself.

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The Basin in Winter

Location: Lincoln, New Hampshire

Date: 2/8/22

Dubbed by no less than Henry David Thoreau as “perhaps the most remarkable curiosity of its kind in New England,” The Basin is also was fun short hike with a unique reward. Winter is no different, and you certainly won’t have the crowds to deal with. This is located directly off I-93 and along the Franconia Notch Bike Trail.

Feel free to share or use these pictures for personal use, so long as you link back to this site. Thanks!

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