(HoratianTimes.com) Amidst the indictments and murders and muggings and firings and wildfires and arrests and accidental racism and sports highlights and celebrity gossip, a truly profound event happened last month that went almost unnoticed by the press.

Unnoticed, that is, except for Buck Bomhower, editor of the Better Bunker Times.

“We usually do a ‘mass murder of the day’ feature on our website, highlighting the previous day’s mass shootings, mass vehicular homicides, mass chainsawings, that sort of thing,” Editor Buck said. “It’s not to glamorize it or anything, mind you, but more to point out how dangerous these times are.

“Dangerous to the point where you should be constantly bulk buying guns, ammo, shelf-stable foods, and other prepper equipment. All of which are available on BetterBunkerTimes.com. Mention Bucky sent you and get 10% off our Zombie Napalm, all sizes!”

“So anyways, I get to 4/20/23 and start looking through the news, and I go ‘huh’. There weren’t no mass murderings on 4/19/23. Not a one. Tell me that’s not weird,” Editor Buck said.

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