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Ripley Falls Winter Hiking, 04/06/22

Location: Hart’s Location, NH

Date: 4/6/22

They list it as a moderate hike, but honestly, there isn’t much in the way of difficulty here. It’s probably best to avoid it after a snowfall, as a section of it runs right along a steep ridge (the AllTrails comment about a ski pole going right through and finding air gave me some pause). Very short – one mile out and back – but the falls definitely makes it worth it. The whole area out on the Crawford Notch Rd. (before you hit Attitash) is gorgeous, with many trails and trailheads.

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Hiking the Flume Gorge, 3/26/22

Location: Lincoln, NH

Date: 3/26/22

Heavily trafficked in the summer (and fairly expensive to get in), the Flume Gorge is incredible in the winter. Definitely a must-hit if you find yourself in the Franconia corridor in the winter (crampons are a must, however). A bit late in the season, but the snow pack was still lighter than it usually is in late March.

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Mt. Willard Winter Hike, 3/22/22

Location: Carroll, NH

Date: 3/22/22

Mt. Willard is always a great hike, summer or winter. The overlook/payoff is amazing, especially in the winter.

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White House Trail, Winter Hiking – 03/09/22

Location: Lincoln, NH

Date: 3/9/22

A very short and easy trail that is probably mostly used as a starting point for other trails. Still, a nice walk in the woods, although it is fairly heavily trafficked on the weekends. You can access this just north of the Flume Gorge at the Liberty Springs Trailhead parking lot. For a bit of a loop, hike the length of the trail and take a right at the end of it to hike the bike path back to the parking lot (not the best idea on a weekend – snowmobiles abound!).

Feel free to share or use these pictures for personal use, so long as you link back to this site. Thanks!

Ice Castles 2021

Location: Woodstock, NH

Date: 01/30/21

Finally hit the Ice Castles in Woodstock, NH this year. Cooooooooold, but very cool.

Lake Willoughby, Winter Edition

Location: Lake Willoughby, Vermont

Date: 2/22/21

We headed out to hike the Burke Mountain Overlook, but they close the road in the winter, and there wasn’t an easy way to access it. Short hike, with the plus that it overlooks Lake Willoughby. Sooo, we went to the lake instead. Just as photogenic in the winter, with ice shacks instead of boats. Hit up St. J’s Locally Social Coffee for Dirty Chais and Mocha Lattes on the way back through… it was a good day.

Owl’s Head Mountain

Location: Owl’s Head Mountain, Groton VT

Date: 2/20/21

Finally getting these online from a couple of weeks ago. The access road to Owl’s Head Mountain in the Groton State Forest is closed in the winter, making this a bit of a trek. 3.2 miles, just under 500 feet in elevation (much of it right at the end), it’s a bit high on the easy end for a hike, but nice and uncrowded. Bonus: bobcat tracks criss-crossed the trail all the way up.

Mount Willard

Location: Bretton Woods, NH

Date: 1/25/21

Got out a few times last week, but this was the best, as always. Located in Bretton Woods, Mount Willard is a moderate, 3.2 out and back hike. There’s a bit of elevation, hence moderate, and it can be fairly heavily trafficked on the weekends. The view is just amazing. You have to pass the Omni Mount Washington to get there, which on a clear day…

Sabbaday Falls

Location: Conway, NH

Date: 1/18/21

Located on the Kancamagus Highway in NH, this is an easy .7 out and back trail that leads to a waterfall. There’s also a longer loop trail you can take. Crampons are recommended for the winter, and note that part of the trail is closed off over the falls. The fourth shot is of the Pemigewasset Overlook, a few miles to the east.

Serenity, Locomotion, Vast and #6 Trail Loop

Location: Barre, VT

Date: 1/18/21

A great loop in Barre that goes by a variety of quarries. We didn’t get far on this one based on the amount of snow… looking forward to doing it again when it is a little clearer.

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